What To Expect In A General Teeth Cleaning

As we keep our oral health in check, we want to make sure that you go to a dentist for our yearly teeth cleaning.  This teeth cleaning process will ensure that whatever we get in our standard day to day brushing process is removed in this cleaning.

The first step in a cleaning is to do an exam.  To really get in there and see what is going on, many dentists will suggest that they do a dental x ray in Commerce.  This x-ray is designed to look at problem areas within your teeth and mouth and will allow the dentist to take care of the really bad problem areas.

dental x ray in Commerce

After the cleaning process is over, the dentist will then talk about future dental care options.  If you have been taking care of your teeth up to this point, then they may offer some type of whiting service or some other type of cosmetic surgery.  If your teeth are bad, or if they are not perfect there will then be a wide range of other options for you to choose from.

Scraping of your teeth

One of the main reasons that people don’t go and get their teeth taken care of is the fear that they will get their teeth scraped.  The dentist has a wide range of tools add designed to cut through the plaque and tarter that build up.  If you care for your teeth then this may not be needed.

Home instructions

After your teeth have been cleaned the dentist will give you home instruction.  He may suggest a specific cleaning process, different foods and drink to avoid and even to talk to your doctors about specific medications that you may be taking.  There is a lot that goes into taking care of your teeth and simply brushing and flossing will not tell the whole story.