How Not to Get Pregnant: Your Guide to Birth Control Options

It sounds pretty self-explanatory, but with thousands of unplanned pregnancies in America every year, it is apparently not clear. If you do not want to have a baby, you should protect yourself. Obviously the best way to avoid pregnancy is to avoid sex altogether. But since sex is a healthy part of life, that is unlikely to happen.

There are numerous options to protect yourself against pregnancy, whether you are a man or a woman. Men rely on condoms for protection because it is one of their only choices. However, it never hurts to be safe and use a secondary method if you are against having kids right now.

Birth control pills are among those other options. Available for women, birth control pills control estrogen levels to prevent pregnancy. Most women can take birth control pills long term without any problems.

Contraceptive Care

Female condoms are also available but not as popular as male condoms. They work pretty much the same way, except the woman inserts the condom into her vagina before intercourse. The condoms are sometimes complicated and some women say they gill the mood. Of course this is a personal opinion.

Women can use several long-term contraceptives like the IUD. It is important to learn more about the long term birth control options available because some may bring potential side effects. Some may not be safe for every woman. Your doctor can provide you with details and make sure the option you choose is safe.

There are several options for Contraceptive Care for anyone who does not want to get pregnant. Talk to a medical professional to learn more about the various choices to decide which is best for you. He can prescribe birth control as well.